• Supports normal cell function
  • Provides antioxidant support for cell protection from free radicals 
  • Replenishes key electrolytes
  • Transports up to 60x its own weight in nutrients directly into cells 
  • Helps enhance the body's ability to detoxify and remove harmful compounds 
  • Enhances cellular energy
  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Provides cognitive support 
  • Helps support healthy immune function
  • Alkalizing minerals assist proper pH and healthy oxygenation levels 
  • Supports already normal glucose metabolism and overall metabolic health 
  • Boosts enzyme activity and extends the time nutrients remain active in the body 
  • Decreases food cravings linked to mineral deficiency
  • Supports healthy hormone balance
  • Alkalizing minerals aid healthy pH for proper oxygenation levels in the body 
  • Assists nutrient uptake - transports up to 60x it's own weight in nutrients directly into cells 
  • Improves enzyme development to support healthy digestion
  • Provides antioxidant support for cell protection from free radicals
  • Helps enhance the body's natural ability to detoxify and remove harmful compounds 
  • Benefits normal hormone balance
  • Supports natural healing functions
  • Assists in healthy immune system function
  • Supports a healthy respiratory system
  • Helps balance and support the whole body's healthy inflammation response 
  • Supports vascular health and may contribute to healthy circulation 
  • Assists in the metabolism of proteins, contributing to DNA and RNA synthesis
  • Extends the time nutrients remain active in the body
  • Re-mineralizes the body
  • Enhances cellular energy
  • Assists in the body's conversion of sugar into energy
  • Powerful bi-directional electrolyte

 Improved hydration

Advanced cell permeability also enhances hydration of cells. When fulvic is present water is able to enter cells at an above normal rate. Better cell hydration has far reaching benefits; increased blood volume oxygenates cells, hydrated cells improve muscle contraction and better lubrication of joints, it promotes supple and more elastic skin, and bolsters proper kidney function for toxin removal. Better hydration helps water to bind with fiber in the large intestine to "keep things moving" properly. Even moods and emotional well being are improved with better hydration. 

 What about heavy metals

Fulvic / Humic is scientifically classified as "Vegetal bio-mass minerals" and does not contain any heavy metals. Since every single mineral within fulvic/humic comes from plants, the body readily recognizes them and immediately assimilates them; the same as it would assimilate the various minerals found in broccoli, lettuce, or fruit for example. 

Being organic, they are fully utilized by the body, not rejected (and therefore stored in fatty tissue as a toxin) the way an elemental metallic mineral would. You never hear about people getting mineral toxicity from fruits and vegetables, even though they all contain a wide variety of minerals that are erroneously thought to be dangerous. 

Organic minerals set in motion a variety of chemical reactions which allow vitamins and other essential nutrients to fuel our bodies. Without the proper form of mineral, these reactions are unable to take place, making it unlikely your body will absorb and use the vitamins it needs. 

 Reported beneficial claims for external use:

 Humic and Fulvic are beneficial topically as well. They can aid the body's natural healing of abrasions, cuts, wounds, insect bites, and numerous other skin complaints. They may neutralize poison ivy and poison oak, and may assist with normal healing of burns with a minimum of scarring. 


The immune system and toxic built up

Life today bombards us with an overload of toxic substances…they are the preservatives, chemicals, colorings and harmful additives in the foods we eat, noxious fumes in the air we breathe, chlorine and fluoride in our shower and drinking water, and the toxins present in plastics, carpets, paints and furniture that we use on a daily basis. Only the strongest immune system has the power to fight the enormous quantity of toxic elements we come into contact with every day. 

 Fulvic and detoxification

The nature of fulvic and humic make them a powerful tool against environmental and dietary toxins. In the body fulvic/humic attaches to and binds toxic environmental metals, pollutants, and other "foreign" substances and goes to work to change their bioelectrical polarity. Fulvic/humic will either convert them into a usable form, or will flush them from the system if they cannot be converted. As well as creating many beneficial reactions in the body, they are also converting harmful substances to forms that are useful by the body. 

When you are actively removing the toxins that inevitably build up in the body due to normal daily life, you are freeing up your immune system to fight more serious threats. 

 Detoxifying Symptoms When Taking Fulvic/Humic

As Humic and Fulvic help enhance the body's natural ability to detoxify and remove harmful compounds, some people may experience unpleasant reactions for a few days. Even though you may not be feeling so great, detoxifying is actually a good thing because you’re cleaning out your system. 

 If this happens, we suggest you cut your dosage of minerals down to a level that eliminates the symptoms. Try decreasing your dosage down to 1-2 teaspoons for four or five days, then build back up to the full dose over the next two weeks. This will create a gentler detoxification, which is more beneficial and effective. 

Fulvic assists in healthy body pH to assist oxygen uptake

Low blood oxygen leads to blood acidity. Acidity in the body contributes to low oxygen levels and is detrimental to health. The alkalizing minerals in fulvic and humic support balanced pH levels and assist in oxygen absorption. pH is how acidity and alkalinity are measured. 

 There are many liquid minerals on the market today that are highly acidic, with an acidic pH in the range of 4.0, because of their processing techniques. Once chemical acids have been used and the fulvic has been destroyed, nothing can be done to restore the alkaline pH, and the benefits of an acidic mineral will be minimal at best. 

 Because of our gentle, meticulous process that utilizes nothing but cool, purified water, Vital Earth’s fulvic/humic has a highly beneficial alkaline pH of between 7.0 and 8.6. We do not use any chemicals, high heat, or pressure extrusion; all of which contribute to creating acidity in a product. Our fulvic and humic is as natural as you can get, with the same pH levels that are present in the organic vegetation from which it is derived. 

Fulvic/Humic fights free radicals

What is a free radical?

They have to do with atoms. All atoms have a ring around them composed of many electrons. Each electron ideally has a “buddy”, making the atom very stable. 

 Free radicals are created when an electron loses its buddy and is no longer in a pair. This opens the door to a chemical reaction whereby the unpaired electron seeks out another atom or molecule to bond with, creating a chain reaction of oxidation. These free radicals circulate throughout the body causing great damage to tissues and cells. 

 Our first line of defense against free-radicals is a generous supply of free-radical scavengers called antioxidants. Fulvic acts as a powerful antioxidant, helping to protect against typical oxidative stress. 

 There are three identified categories of free-radicals, and numerous identified free-radical scavengers. Each one of the free-radical scavengers eradicates a different category of free-radicals. Without Fulvic, it is very complicated to get the correct free radical scavenger in the correct amount. Fulvic is such a powerful, natural antioxidant that it can eradicate any form of free radical. 

 Weight Management

Humic/Fulvic and carbohydrates

Fulvic changes the way the body processes the sugars and starches that we call simple, refined carbohydrates. Fulvic promotes healthy weight management by assisting glucose to create immediate cellular energy, instead of stored potential energy in the form of fat deposits. Body weight may balance naturally because fulvic/humic aids chemical and hormonal balance, assists the proper metabolism of food, and diminishes mineral deficiency cravings. 

 When these changes occur, nutrient deficiencies are being corrected so the desire for more calories is diminished, along with cravings for foods that immediately convert to sugar in the body such as breads and pastas.  

Fulvic makes cells more receptive to receiving nutrients

It conditions cell membranes and makes them more permeable, so nutrients can more easily enter the cell. This permeability also allows toxic waste to leave the cells more readily.  

Fulvic is a powerful “transporter”

It is so powerful that it transports many times its weight in energized nutrients. One single fulvic molecule is capable of carrying 60x its own weight, or more, in nutrients, minerals and trace elements into the cells. And since fulvic makes cell walls more permeable, more nutrients are able to enter the cells when fulvic is present. 

Digestion: Humic/Fulvic assists enzyme development

Enzymes are responsible for over 300 complex reactions in the body and are connected to every organ in the body. Whenever you put anything in your mouth, the taste buds quickly analyze its composition and trigger the appropriate digestive enzymes needed to break down that particular substance. Enzymes are also the life force behind the absorption of vitamins and minerals. 

 Production of digestive enzymes diminish with age, and unfortunately, a lack of digestive enzymes can overstress the digestive system making complete digestion of food difficult. This is where Humic and Fulvic comes to the rescue. Humic and Fulvic support healthy enzymatic reactions in cells and encourage maximum stimulation of enzyme development. Humic and Fulvic help trigger more enzymes; you get a better breakdown of food, which facilitates better absorption. 

 Help For Breathing Issues

Humic and Fulvic support a healthy respiratory system. 

 Amino Acids

When properly nourished, individual cells are capable of producing many of their own amino acids, enzymes, and other factors necessary for all metabolic processes. Each cell burns its own energy, maintains itself, manufactures its own enzymes, creates its own proteins, and duplicates itself. It is essential to understand that the total metabolism of the body is the sum of the metabolic operations carried on in each individual cell. Humans can produce all but eight amino acids within their cells. Fulvic Mineral Complex promotes the natural production of amino acids within the body.  

The Vitamin Connection

Increased dosages of vitamins and minerals that treat many human and animal ailments have been advocated by leading researchers for decades. However, it is crucial to remember that vitamins cannot complete their function in the cell’s metabolism without the presence of the appropriate and specific mineral co-factors and Fulvic. Therefore it is crucial that all the vitamins, all the minerals, and Fulvic are provided in a base-line supplement in order to receive consistent, significant results. Additional individual supplements can be added as needed.